Course Descriptions



BA101 ACCOUNTING I                                120 Instructional Hours

A course providing the preliminary survey of accounting.  Introduces the student to the basic principles of accounting used as the basis for modern practice.  Topics include the accounting equation, journalizing, posting, trial balance, adjusting and closing entries, preparation of financial statements, use of special journals, receivables and payables, with emphasis placed on the flow of cash.


BA103 ACCOUNTING II                              120 Instructional Hours

This course is a continuation of the principles of Accounting I.  Partnership and corporate forms of organization are presented, with emphasis on the capital section of the balance sheet, departmental and branch accounting, financial analysis, and development of funds statements.  Prerequisite:  BA101 Accounting I


BA105 ACCOUNTING III                            120 Instructional Hours

An intensive course applying current standards of acceptable theory and practice in accounting.  A study of the income statement and balance sheet is presented in detail including asset accounts, inventory valuation, fixed asset problems, and an introduction to cost accounting.  Prerequisite:  BA103 Accounting II


BA107 COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING      60 Instructional Hours    

This applications course gives the student the necessary background for the understanding, collecting, summarizing, analyzing, and reporting of information utilizing a computer.  Prerequisite:  BA103 Accounting II and SS110 Keyboarding I


BA109 COMPUTERIZED BILLING              60 Instructional Hours

This course provides the student with realistic experience in a contemporary office setting through the use of a computerized billings procedure simulation, where the instructor is your supervisor and each week’s work is turned in for evaluation and feedback.  Upon completion of this course, the student will develop competence in performing computerized billing functions on the computer including maintaining files, posting payments and charges, making adjustments, preparing the next month’s billings, adding and deleting accounts, and preparing end-of-the month summary reports.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I



AND ORGANIZATION                                60 Instructional Hours

The fundamentals of organization and administration, which are essential to the managerial function, are presented with systematical thoroughness.  Planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling contemporary business activities are emphasized.



BUSINESS MATHEMATICS                        60 Instructional Hours

A review of basic mathematical concepts as applied to business procedures.  Inventory, turnover, sales records, percentage discounts, markup, commission, depreciation, and interest are studied.



CONTRACTS AND SALES                          60 Instructional Hours

An introductory study of the structure and functions of the American Legal system.  The basic principles of law, courts, and legal procedures are studied.  Emphasis is placed on the law of contracts, sales, and agencies.


CS101 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT       60 Instructional Hours

This course is designed to provide an awareness of the “people” skills essential for job success.  Topics include developing a positive and professional self-image, ethics, time management, human relations and communication skills, organizational dynamics, and professional development.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I


CS103 GENERAL OFFICE PROCEDURES      60 Instructional Hours

The primary purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with procedures of a modern business office.  Proper telephone techniques, keeping an executive agenda, handling travel arrangements, scheduling meetings and conferences, filing methods, and time management are topics covered..  The student works with business forms in a simulated office situation.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I or Permission of Instructor


CS104 COMPUTER LITERACY                      60 Instructional Hours

This is an introductory course in the study of computers.  The students study the components of a system, their functions, limitations, and capabilities.  Students will be introduced to computer terminology, computer logic, flowcharting and programming techniques, and the BASIC programming language.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I



The student will demonstrate the ability to work with three software programs in microcomputer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, and database management.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I


CS106 OFFICE SIMULATION                        60 Instructional Hours

In this course students will use simulated office situations applicable to four different businesses.  Processing of letters, form documents, reports, memos, tables, and forms from a variety of source documents is required.  In addition, decision-making exercises, composition of business correspondence, and reinforcement of proper office procedures are incorporated.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I


CS107 DATA ENTRY APPLICATIONS            60 Instructional Hours

Through actual hands-on computer training and practice, students will learn documentation for data entry, how to enter, edit, and retrieve data, and how to verify applications.  Students will build speed and accuracy through practice exercises.  Prerequisite: SS110 Keyboarding I


SS110 KEYBOARDING I                                120 Instructional Hours

An introduction, to the various parts of the keyboard, figure and symbol reaches, basic tabulations, and business letter formats.  The student strives for speed and accuracy through practice in sentence writing, technique improvement, and timed writings.


SS130 COMMUNICATION SKILLS I              60 Instructional Hours

An extensive review of the basics of English grammar including usage, punctuation, capitalization, vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, and correct techniques of writing.


SS140 COMMUNICATION SKILLS II             60 Instructional Hours

A course in which writing techniques are stressed as the basis of good written communication.  The student’s ability to write suitable reports, memorandums, letters, and other forms of communication for the diverse needs of business is developed in this course.  Prerequisite:  SS130 Communication Skills I or Permission of Instructor and SS110 Keyboarding I


SS210 KEYBOARDING II                             120 Instructional Hours

The reinforcement of basic and production skills to achieve speed and accuracy in keyboarding is the major aim of this course.  Emphasis is placed on the preparation of business letters, envelopes, interoffice correspondence, reports, and timed writings.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I


SS244 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY                   60 Instructional Hours     

Students are introduced to Medical Terminology including the spelling and meaning of over 1,000 medical word terms and definitions.  Emphasis is placed on separating medical terms into component parts of prefixes, roots, and suffixes to learn their correct meaning.  The correct spelling of these terms is also stressed.


SS245 MEDICAL CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT      60 Instructional Hours
This course will teach the student code sets and guidelines and covers important topics in the field like managed care, legal and regulatory issues, coding systems, reimbursement methods, medical necessity, and common health insurance plans. New legislation that affects healthcare, ICD-10-CM coding, implementing the electronic health record, the Medical Integrity Program (MIP), medical review process, and more will be covered. There are application-based assignments and additional case studies for reinforcement.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I and SS244 Medical Terminology


This course will help prepare students to work with any practice management software used in medical offices today. The flow of information as patients are scheduled and seen in a medical office, through procedure posting, billing, and collections will be covered. 
Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I and SS244 Medical Terminology


SS247 MEDICAL OFFICE PROCEDURES         60 Instructional Hours     

This course presents a study of the secretarial and the administrative procedures and techniques typical of a medical office including filing practices, keyboarding various medical forms, implementing correct telephone usage, making appointments, billing, and handling patients, patient records, and patient information. Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I or Permission of Instructor


SS248 MEDICAL LAW AND ETHICS                                    60 Instructional Hours
This course is designed to provide a foundation of law and ethics.  These concepts are applied to real-life situations in the health care environment. Case studies from actual legal procedures illustrate key points of law as well as ethical dilemmas faced in the medical office. This course will help students interact with the legal profession, recognize when they need legal advice, and protect their future employers from medical malpractice complaints.
Prerequisite:  SS244 Medical Terminology

SS249 MEDICAL OFFICE SIMULATION                60 Instructional Hours
Students experience a full simulation of employment as a Medical Office Assistant in this course. All jobs are updated to the latest guidelines; and daily tasks are assigned as they would be in a real world setting, incorporating computer-based procedures and emphasizing the latest HIPAA standards, confidentiality, and ethics throughout.
Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I and SS244 Medical Terminology


SS310 INFORMATION PROCESSING              120 Instructional Hours

This course is designed for students who wish to develop entry-level competence in information processing.  Through actual hands-on experience, basic word processing functions are mastered by the student including creating, editing, formatting, and printing documents, functions which are performed daily in an office situation. Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I


SS320 KEYBOARDING III                           120 Instructional Hours

To achieve the level of keyboarding skill, experience, knowledge, and production output that will assure successful keyboarding performance in a business office position is the purpose of this course.  Student proficiency is enhanced through practice in paragraph typing, complex tabulations, rough drafts, manuscripts, desktop publishing, and timed writings.   Prerequisite:  SS210 Keyboarding II


SS400 MACHINE TRANSCRIPTION                    60 Instructional Hours 

To familiarize the student with the operation of dictation-transcription equipment is the aim of this course.  Through the completion of assigned materials, the student develops proficiency in transcription and keyboarding skills.  Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I


SS402 MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION                                  60 Instructional Hours
This course provides a real-life, hands-on opportunity to participate in the document-production process of a typical healthcare provider.  The student will be expected to transcribe patient information and documentation using highly specialized language on the most up-to-date technical computer platforms and software programs.   Medical transcription projects will enable students to practice their working knowledge of the medical reports most commonly used in hospital and ambulatory care settings as students transcribe reports dictated by real physicians taken from reports of actual patients.
Prerequisite:  SS110 Keyboarding I and SS244 Medical Terminology


SS410 KEYBOARDING IV                                    120 Instructional Hours

A course programmed for the advanced keyboardist.  The student acquires competency in working with technical vocabularies which are associated with fields of government, medicine, and law.  Speed and accuracy are emphasized in the typing of case histories, documents, and other related materials.  Prerequisite:  SS320 Keyboarding III